More Official Animu’d Versions of Dominion

Dominion really is popular in Japan. Not only have they made an officially licensed Touhou version, now there’s one for Nitroplus and the anime Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls (licensed by Sentai and Crunchyroll in the US).

Unfortunately, they look like rethemed clones of existing cards, instead of cards with all original mechanics. I can’t read Japanese too well, but the last sample card on HobbySearch is clearly Oasis.  It seems Donald X. is fine with retheming Dominion, but doesn’t want to ruin his vision of mechanics and balance. As his planned expansions come to a close, I guess we’ll have to depend on fan cards to keep on exponentially increasing the games depth.

These are some really nifty collector’s items, though. And it’ll bring the joy (and addiction) of Dominion to an even wider audience. Also, finally Harem actually makes sense, as seen in the “STEINS;GATE ver.” here.