Importing Nogami Takeshi’s bilingual doujinshi

Updated 2012 Jan 15: I emailed Nogami Takeshi asking if he could restock some books on MangaPal, and he actually wrote back and did! How nice.

I decided to make this collection of links to Nogami Takeshi’s bilingual Strike Witches doujinshi, to make importing them less confusing. Here’s a list of all books with a full English translation, and links to their item pages on MangaPal and Ordered by in-series chronology, they are:

Witches of Africa Comic Collection: MangaPal, Collects and translates the comics from these earlier books which weren’t all in English: Witch in Africa, Tiger in Desert, Tiger in Desert Vol.2. It also has a new story original to this collection (“The Stuka Witch“).

Witches of the Sphinx Vol. 1: MangaPal, (currently out of stock at Amazon, but still in stock at MangaPal)

Witches of the Sphinx Vol. 2: MangaPal,

Witches of the Sphinx Vol. 3: MangaPal,

Witches of the Sphinx Vol. 4: MangaPal

Witches of the Sphinx Vol. 5: MangaPal

Keiko Kato North Africa Military Photos 1943: Not sold online, but you might be able to find it at online auction sites. I reviewed it a while back.

Nogami Takeshi has also released his original doujinshi series “The Azure Century Chronicles” the same way. It takes place in an alternate history 1930’s-40’s, as a young man ends up stationed with an all-female naval crew. Also, Winston Churchill is there, being awesome. If you like Strike Witches, you’re likely to enjoy this as well.

The Azure Century Chronicles Summary 1 (collects volumes 1-3): MangaPal,

The Azure Century Chronicles Summary 2 (collects volumes 4-6): MangaPal,

The Azure Century Chronicles Summary 3 (collects volumes 7-9): MangaPal,

The Azure Century Chronicles Summary volume 10: MangaPal

The Azure Century Chronicles Summary volume 11: MangaPal,

Also, his political doujinshi An Idiot’s Guide to Tokyo’s Harmful Books Regulation has the comics part in English, but not the essays: MangaPal,

In terms of prices and shipping, I’ve found MangaPal just a little bit cheaper, but that was with a very large order. They don’t offer SAL, which kind of sucks, and ensures that shipping costs will be high no matter what. Still, for fans of the series, I think it’s definitely a worthwhile sacrifice. Nogami’s manga is awesome too; it’s a shame that none of his commercial manga, like “Sailor-fuku to Jūsensha,” have been licensed for the US yet.

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  1. dm00

     /  November 3, 2011

    Azure Century Chronicles actually starts in 1914 and I don’t think it covers more than a couple of years.

    But you’ve answered a question for me about summary volumes 1-3 — I’ve been buying the Japanese-only versions of those books (the vocabulary in them is, thankfully, only a tiny bit beyond my grasp).

  2. Tom Curda

     /  March 20, 2012

    Any chance you could talk him into stocking a few more copies of Azure Century Chronicles Summary 2? I managed to buy Summaries 1 and 3

  3. Tom

     /  August 30, 2012

    I’ve managed to collect all the Azure Century Chronicles pubs that are available. Any word on when and if there will be a vol 12? If it is out where can one get it?

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