Driftwood in the Internet Sea: Translations of Foreign Comments

As a US fan of anime, I can’t help wondering what “the other side of the pond” thinks. It took me a long time to realize, though, that the Japanese feel the same way. There’s a surprising number of Japanese blogs translating the comments of foreign anime fans into Japanese; I list some at the end of this article. What’s even weirder, though, is seeing your own comments translated back into Japanese. I hope I don’t give a bad impression…!:

Responding to a criticism of Strike Witches, “without the moe, nobody would watch it”:





Original English:

“I enjoy all the parts of the show. If it didn’t have the moe aspect, it’d be some generic WWII drama. If it didn’t have the military aspect, it’d be some generic yuri fanservice show. It’s their union that makes the show unique.

On the other hand, I also genuinely enjoy the story and the show’s positive messages. The show has a healing effect. And the whole feminization of war and history is just really fascinating on semiotic level. I enjoy Strike Witches on tons of levels…I could fanboy on and on about it. Someone else said they don’t think SW is a “brilliant” show. I honestly do think it’s brilliant.”

(Should I mention that I own three SW dakimakuras? And I’m trying to restrain myself from getting more of the cast?) (Their emphasis)

When news broke of Gonzo (the animation studio) having financial problems:





Original English:

“Well, I’m at least one person who loves Gonzo and wishes them well in this tough economic climate. They’re one of my favorite studios, and I think a lot of the bashing they get is completely unwarranted. I haven’t been watching Shangri-la, but Saki is coming out pretty darn well this season.”

On the first episode of “Hanamaru Kindergarten”:






Original English:

“That certainly was unique. It’s funny how a late night anime is so reminiscent of the typical early morning kids slot.

The art direction is alright; it’s a really bright and colorful show. So far it seems to favor comedy over plot, but the “struggles of a male kindergarten teacher” angle is pretty good. We still have a lot more time to get acquainted with and grow to care about the other characters. I couldn’t help thinking throughout the episode “This is like an eroge set-up!” Sakura route, Yamamoto route, route with one of the other 2nd-year Kindergarten teachers (the glasses one seemed kind of interested in him, ww).”

When Haruhi randomly appeared for a few seconds in a Canadian Tylenol commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMo_dmUrW2A):



Original English:

“And of course it makes perfect sense that the bitch is in a commercial for a headache medication.”

…Yeah, I’m a Yuki Nagato fan. But some people in the comments found it funny enough to “ワロタww” (“I lol’ed”) about.

Here are a few Japanese blogs which translate the comments of overseas fans; even without speaking Japanese, Google Translate makes them interesting reading:

…or videos on NicoNico Douga with the tag “海外の反応シリーズ

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